As a physiotherapist, I am able to do all the services listed below in a clinical or on-site environment.

Please contact me for any questions or to book an appointment:

Bike Fitting-Bikefit Canada Certified

Acupuncture-Certified through the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada
Trained in Brisbane, Australia
Athletic Performance-
Certified Personal Trainer
Chronic Pain-
IMS Certified

Concussion Rehabilitation-Vestibular and Post concussion educated
Dizziness and Vertigo-
Bernard Tonks Vestibular Rehabilitation
Ergonomic Assessments-
any workplace

Electronic Rehabilitation-Skype encounters
Intramuscular Stimulation-
Gunn IMS certified UBC
Manual & Manipulative Therapy-
CPA Manual Therapy

Neurology Rehabilitation-trained in Brisbane, Australia
Pre and Post Operative Treatment-
10 year orthopedic experience at the Ottawa Hospital.
Running Evaluation-
Biomechanical, stride length, stride frequency and more
Sport Physiotherapy-
15 years of direct athlete experience 

TMJ-Trained with CPA Manual Therapy