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Rahim Khoja-BSc H.K, MPhty Studies, MClSc Advanced Health Care Practice, FCAMPT
Registered Physiotherapist

Rahim recently obtained a Master of Clinical Science in Advanced Health Care Practice from the University of Western Ontario. His research included Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction and Acute Knee Injury exercise and care protocols (  as well as cervicogenic headache (headache caused by neck dysfunction). He also is a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy ( Prior to becoming a physiotherapist, Rahim obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Kinetics at St. Francis Xavier University in 2002 while also getting a certification as a personal trainer and Exercise Physiologist. Rahim then worked as a Kinesiologist for 4 years in multiple physiotherapy clinics. Rahim went on to do a Master in Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland in Australia. Rahim is a bilingual Registered Physiotherapist certified in Bike Fitting,manual therapy, acupuncture Gunn Intra Muscular Stimulation (IMS/dry needling), with specialized training in TMJ and Vestibular Rehabilitation for concussions, dizziness, balance and vertigo.

Rahim’s sports and rehabilitation background includes playing hockey, soccer, skiing, cycling, running, yoga, pilates and weight training. Rahim played football at St. Francis Xavier University, coached track and field at Gloucester High School, coached football in the National Capital Amateur Football Association including 3 All-Star teams and in the Ontario Varsity Football League.

In Australia, Rahim was the team physiotherapist with East Brisbane Tigers Rugby Club (, Western Taipans Australian Rules Football Club, South United and Belbowrie Soccer Clubs. Locally, Rahim has been involved with La Cite Collegiale Basketball, and multiple NCAFA and OVFL football clubs. Upon returning to Ottawa Rahim worked in Medicine, Oncology, Thoracis, Rehabilitation and the Orthopaedic departments at the Ottawa Hospital General Campus as well as at the Riverside Campus Rehabilitation Department. Rahim is a practical component examiner for qualifying physiotherapists in Canada.

Rahim’s approach to rehabilitation is evidence based practice that involves an emphasis on  a biopsychosocial perspective. This includes improving function through manual therapy, motor control and functional exercise as well as IMS/Dry Needling.

Post Grad Training

2018-19-Master of Clinical Science in Advanced Health Care Practice-University of Western Ontario

2019-Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy

2017-Bikefit Canada bike fitting certification, Vancouver, B.C.
Seminar Sports Injury and Concussion review-Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Therapy

2016-R2P Post Concussion Management-The Ottawa Hospital
Vestibular Rehabilitation-Dizziness and Balance, Victoria, B.C

2014-Chan Gunn Intra Muscular Stimulation, UBC, Vancouver, BC and Waterloo, ON

2013-Manual Therapy Level 3 Upper Limb-Orthopedic Division CPA

2012-Manual Therapy Level 3 Lower Limb-Orthopedic Division CPA

2011- Manual Therapy Level 2Upper and Low Limb-Orthopedic Division, CPA
 Acupuncture Dry Needling, Toronto, ON
Knee symposium-The Ottawa Hospital/Carleton University

2010- Acupuncture AFCI
Manual Therapy Level I-Orthopedic Division CPA
The Shoulder Review CPA Lecture by Theresa Gravelle-University of Ottawa          
 Inservices: Bobath, Care of Oncology Patient, Communication-The Ottawa Hospital           

2009-McKenzie Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy-Queens University
Functional Independence Measure Certification
The Kolaczkowski Seminars Parts1-3-The University of Ottawa
The Sacro-iliac Joint and Pelvic Complex Part I and Part II
Gait Analysis and Orthotic Assessment Seminar-The Orthotic Group
 Inservices: Sahrman Lower Limb, Vestibular Rehabilitation-S.Kulkarni, Exercise Prescription Without Stress Testing-Heart Institute, Developing Core Control-The Bobath Concept

 2008-Sagittal Plane and 1st Ray Biomechanics- HJ Dananberg
Australian Physiotherapy Association Seminars: Adolescents in Sport Seminar,
Thoracic Spine Seminar-Quentin Scott, Australian Physiotherapy Association

Rahim is now working at The Ottawa Hospital, Core Sports and Manual Physiotherapy, Chartier Physiotherapy and from home in Westboro. Please contact me to find a location that works for you.

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